!Welcome to Sunbeam Farm

  Organically-Grown Vegetables, Western-Slope Fruit and  Farm-Fresh Eggs  
  at the Farm Stand at 1005 Cherryvale Rd, Boulder  
  Farm Stand Open Daily June-November, 5 years and counting!  
  Amazing Plant Sale Open Daily, May 1 - June 15   
   We do Farm-to-Table Dinners, Private Events, Classes, Workshops & more  
  We use all-natural methods with an emphasis on soil and plant health  

We hope to see you here this season!

  Dennis & Melanie Kline  
  Sunbeam Farm & Education LLC 
  1005 Cherryvale Rd, Boulder CO 80303 

About Sunbeam Farm
The Mission of Sunbeam Farm is to grow nutrient-rich foods and raise animals in a sustainable way that contributes to the health of our local food system, the community and the planet. We strive to create educational experiences around real food through our CSA, Farm Stand, Plant Sale, Community Events and Classes.

Our Vision is that more people discover the joy of growing food and we can help others revive their agrarian roots. When neighbors grow food for each other it keeps the resources in town and away from being spent on the petroleum that is used to ship food globally. Local agriculture can bring communities together and improve self-sufficiency. Through a deeper connection to plants and nature, we believe people will be more likely to make healthier choices for themselves, their families and the planet. We have seen this in our own lives and feel privileged to share this experience with our community.

Sunbeam Farm and Education LLC was founded in 2013 by Dennis and Melanie Kline. We wanted to build a place that can produce the best foods using only organic methods. We also wanted to find ways to share the process with people. Here we grow over 100 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs. We plant three seasons and focus on plant and soil health. We raise chickens for eggs and are dedicated to giving them the absolute best possible care and diet.

It is our goal to make this food accessible to everyone. So, seasonally, food is for sale at the Farm Stand, here at 1005 Cherryvale Rd, Boulder, CO. At our stand you can buy healthy plants during the Amazing Plant Sale, you can get farm-fresh eggs, you can get the freshest, happiest produce ever or you may see some fruit from the Western Slope of Colorado that we bring in for you. We have spectacular Peaches direct from Palisade every week as well as other seasonal fruits. We also operate a small CSA which is where people prepay for a season worth of veggies and then pick up weekly. We make an effort to keep all of our food prices as fair as possible and want folks to get a deal when they come out of their way to visit us. We have enjoyed five years of incredible community support and we thank you!

Sunbeam Farm is also a small event space. We host a few weddings as well as a few Farm-to-Table Dinners every year. We bring in an exceptional Chef who builds a meal from our produce and other local foods for an unforgettable summer meal. We work hard to keep the seats affordable by doing everything ourselves and keeping it focused on the food. The dinners are a celebration of real food and the real community that makes it happen. Every event we do here is a chance to share the practice of growing food, to spark interest and maybe inspire others to try growing food themselves.  

After all the harsh lessons we have been subject to, we are still intact and moving forward. It seems no matter how hard we get hit, we just want to get up and do better. Maybe it is a personality trait we share, maybe it’s a deeper understanding we don’t quite get, but something keeps pushing us to try again. In any case, we are very intent on improving our skills and knowledge. It has always been our goal to teach and coach others in their journey. Currently, we are moving towards creating a finished space in the barn that can be used as a year-round classroom where we can hold workshops and other educational programming. We think the demand for this knowledge will increase and we want to be there, ready to encourage a new wave of gardeners of all ages.